Deciding To Heat Your Home More Efficiently

Why Central Air Conditioning Could Be The Right Choice For Keeping You Cool

Having a new central air conditioner installed is a big job, but it's worth it so you can be nice and cool in the summer. When you want air conditioning for your home, you have three choices. You can use window units, central air, or a ductless system. Of the three, central air could be the best choice. Here's why

Why Central Air Conditioning Is Better Than Window Units

If you have enough window units, you can keep your home cool with them, but one major problem is that they hang out of your windows and look ugly. Plus, since the units fit in the windows, it's hard to keep the window sealed and that makes them less energy efficient. A window unit might be ideal in certain situations such as for a small cabin or a garage workshop where you want to cool a small space occasionally.

However, when you need to cool an entire house and keep the temperature and humidity constant, then central air conditioning is the way to go. Plus, you'll have the use of your windows back since a central air conditioner stays out of sight and blows air through registers in the ceiling.

Why You Might Prefer Central Air Over A Ductless System

In some situations, cooling your house with a ductless air conditioner might be necessary. These are used when you don't have room for ducts. The drawback to a ductless cooling system is that you need to mount a blower on the wall that delivers the cool air. While this isn't as bad as having an air conditioner in the window, a ductless blower can still detract from the appearance of your house. You should also think about how an AC blower on the wall might affect your home when you put it up for sale in the future. Other than that, a ductless system works in much the same way as central air except you don't need to have ducts, so it might be worth considering for certain situations.

Deciding on the right way to cool your home takes careful thought because even if you know you want a central air conditioner installed, you still have to select the right size, degree of energy efficiency, and choose the right place to have it put in. Talk to an HVAC contractor about your choices and get advice so you make a good choice in air conditioning installation that will keep you cool while being affordable to operate.