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Sleepless Nights? HVAC Updates Can Help

Rest is the human body's driving force. Without adequate rest, you are less productive, you don't feel as happy, and you can even increase your risk of developing certain illnesses.

If you don't sleep well at night, you might not need to make an adjustment to your nighttime routine. The reason for your sleeplessness could instead be an issue with your HVAC system. Learn how you can sleep better at night.

Zone Systems

In a multi-level home, it can easily feel like you are walking into different climates as you go up and down the stairs. For example, during the summer, the downstairs might feel just fine, while the upstairs level feels like a sweat box. These significant temperature differences can affect your sleep. 

Zone systems are designed to treat each zone of the house as a separate area with separate temperature controls. So, you could set the level where your bedroom is at one temperature and the rest of the house at another. A zone system can keep you more comfortable throughout the night no matter where your bedroom is. 

System Inspections

Have your HVAC system inspected periodically, or around once every year. In addition to providing cool or warm air, these systems are also responsible for humidity control. When the humidity is too high, your home can feel damp, the air is thicker, and you might find it hard to get comfortable. 

When the humidity is too low, the air is dry, your skin may be irritated, and your nasal passages may dry. It's difficult to rest well in either type of setting. Regular HVAC inspections will allow a technician to quickly spot and correct any malfunction that is causing a humidity issue. 

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is helpful if you want to improve your sleep, as well. Ducts can contain all types of debris and allergens ranging from pet dander to pollen to dust. Each time air flows through the ducts some of these particles are forced into the air. If you're someone who is sensitive to allergens, you might spend much of your night coughing, rubbing your eyes or sneezing. 

How often you need to have your ducts cleaned depends on a number of different factors. So, it's best to allow the technician to set you up on a cleaning schedule based on their professional expertise. However, if you've never had the ducts cleaned, now is a great time to go ahead and make an appointment for the service.  

You can say goodbye to sleepless nights with these HVAC updates. Contact a technician for assistance today. Companies like PSL Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. can help.