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How To Prep Your Window AC Units For Winter Storage

Window air conditioning units are always going to be popular because of how convenient and easy they are to install. Pretty much any homeowner can buy and install their own window unit within a matter of a couple of hours. Window units are sold at all types of stores, and they are very easy to install. They might be heavy, but they can usually be installed on any vertical sliding window quite easily. If you do decide to invest in window AC units, they still need a little bit of maintenance. This article explains what you should do at the end of every summer, when you are taking the unit out of the window.

Clean the Evaporator Coils

Before you put it in storage, you should clean the most vital components to make sure that it will be ready and fully efficient when the next summer comes around. Both of these jobs are much easier if you do them after the window unit is uninstalled from your window. When it is on the floor, it'll be very easy to clean the unit.

The only product you need to buy for this job is coil cleaning solution and a coil brush. Evaporator coils are the metal features on the backside of the unit. Because there is often moisture on the evaporator coils, and there are thin spaces between the metal coil ridges, they can get very dirty. You need to use a special coil cleaning brush that allows you to get in between these narrow gaps.

First, you start by spraying the cleaning solution on to the coils. The solution will usually foam up. Follow the instructions on the can for absorption times. Once you've waited a certain amount of time, you use a coil cleaning brush to scrub away the foam and dirt. You just need to be very certain that you scrub with the grain of the coils. If you scrub against it, you can flatten the coils and close the gaps between the ridges. You can finish the job by spraying out the coil's with water. This washes way all the excess soap and dirt that was dislodged.

Replace the Air Filters

The only other thing you should do before putting your unit in storage for the winter is to replace the air filter. The filter is in the front of the unit, and it can be replaced without any tools. You might also want to clean out the empty filter compartment of any loose dust or dirt.

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